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Mainly during the 1970's, the NFL issued team Roster sets that had the roster on one site of the card, and the schedule on the back. Some years had a sponsor on the cards, other years were not. These usually came in a full league set. Below is information on each year. MLB also tried doing these Roster sets, but they only lasted a year.
I only recently learned/started to collect these, so I am looking for most. I have listed what I have for these. These will be listed at the bottom. I will post a picture of one as soon as I can get one scanned in, or find one elsewhere.

Information available for these sets:
1968 - Standard Oil
1968 - Goodyear Tires
1968 - No Sponsor
1969 - Curlee Clothes
1969 - No Sponsor
1970 - Thompson Ford
1970 - Trujuns, The Saturday Shoe
1971 - Fold
1971 - No Sponsor
1972 - Ford
1972 - No Sponsor (AFC only)
1972 - No Sponsor
1973 - Ford
1973 - Chrysler
1973 - No Sponsor
1974 - Ford
1975 - No Sponsor
1975 - DAFCU
1976 - Coke
1976 - Orange Motors of Newburgh/Ford
1976 - Colgate Value Brands
1977 - Ford
1977 - Seagrams
1978 - Lite Beer
1979 - 1st American Bank of Maryland
1979 - Luke Bolton/Ford
1980 - No Sponsor
1981 - No Sponsor
1981 - An Old-Fashioned Fellow/Barefoot Peddler
1982 - Lite Beer
1986 - Eberly-Wood Wholesaler/Stroh's Beer
1972 - Chrysler
1972 - No Sponsor
thanks to Ed Allan for his help on this information.
Here is what I have so far in my collection (All are Complete Sets):
1970 (Thompson Ford)
1975 (DAFCU)
1976 (Orange Motors of Newburgh/Ford)
1976 (Colgate Value Brands)
1977 (Seagrams)
1979 (Luke Bolton/Ford)
1981 (An Old-Fashioned Fellow/Barefoot Peddler)
1986 (Eberly-Wood Wholesaler)

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