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Current Schedule Traders & Wants

***PLEASE NOTE: I have been collecting part time lately and so I no longer use this website due to time constraints. I still actively collect, so please feel free to contact if you are interested in trading! Thanks!

Welcome! My name is Richie Kremer, and I've created this site specifically to list all of my current sked and magnet traders and wants. I also have a separate website that has all of my post-current sked and magnet traders and wants, as well as other schedule-related items I collect, including coaster schedules, sport business cards, and schedule holders. A link to that site can be found under the link page. 
I look forward to being able to trade with you. If you are interested in making a trade, or have any questions, please e-mail at

NOTE: I have created a new website for schedules I have available for sale.


2008 Boston Red Sox, New York Yakees, and New York Mets